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Will it fit on my bike?

There’s a very easy way to find out if PowerSense is compatible with your bike. You’ll need an 11mm clearance between the non-drive side crank and the chain stay. You can get away with a bit less, but this is what we recomment. 

Alternatively, check out our bike directory to see if your bike is listed and if it is, you are good to go.

How do I fit it on my bike?

Preferably take your PowerSense and bike to one of our authorised dealers, who can quickly install your device in exchange for a small fee. Or alternatley, purchase one of Avio’s optional fitting kits and utilise our step by step instruction manuals and videos which will help you quickly fit PowerSense to your machine. 

Find out how to install PowerSense

Will it work with my head unit?

PowerSense communicates with all head units over Ant+. So, if your head unit operates on this platform, then yes.

Most Garmins and other head units use this communcation platform, but check the head unit box or website of your head unit’s manufacturer and you’ll be able to check there.

Can I swap it in between my bikes?

Short answer, no. You can however change the crank between bikes if you wish. 

As the sensor is glued on with super-strength glue, you’ll break the unit if you attempt to pull it off. PowerSense has been created so that you don’t have to change it between bikes, and priced so that you can allow all your machines the power to generate data.

How long does fitting take?

We recommend taking your PowerSense and bike to one of our authorised dealers because here fitting will take roughly 5 minutes. However, if you are using one of the optional fitting kits, installation will still take very little time: anywhere between 5 minutes (if you’ve done it before) to 15 minutes if you follow along with us on one of our videos.

Learn more about installing PowerSense

Can I get a bike shop to fit my PowerSense?

Absolutely. Take your bike into any Authorised Dealer and for a small fee they will not only be able to fit the unit to your bike, but fully calibrate PowerSense so you are power ready out of the shop.

Is there any general maintenance I need to do?

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure PowerSense works at its full potential.

We recommend you zero-offset before every ride, and calibrating once a week would be beneficial. Regarding cleaning – PowerSense is pretty tough, but try not to catch it with a jet-wash! (Not that you should be jet washing your bike anyway as it’ll blow the grease from the bearings).

I think I've done something wrong! Help!

First things first, relax. We’ve got your back. Secondly, check our the videos, they have been created in case you are unsure of anything. 

If you think you’ve really done something wrong, email us at support@avio.mobi and one of us at base camp will help you out.

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