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Avio is a fresh and agile company based in Oxford, the fitness capital of the UK (just ask our rowers about that claim!)

The concept behind Avio was developed at Henley Royal Regatta, during which it was questioned why there was no way for rowers to see and know their statistics, or for spectators at the regatta to be able to share, real-time, in their athlete’s wins. Thus Avio’s premise originally emerged from a passion for the sport, and our team are all either keen sports enthusiasts or a dedicated sportsmen themselves.

This personal interest is what makes Avio unqiue as a company – we are committed towards enabling you to reach your full potential in your sporting experience and performance.

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Mike Devaney

Managing Director

Mike hails from a Sport and Performance Management background from the Department of Sport, Oxford University.

Through this, and his position as the former Lead Coach for a private health club, Mike has developed a deep knowledge of real world technological application in sport. He has a wealth of experience in introducing new technologies with teams, groups, and individuals. Mike is passionate about both validity and ease of use in each application, and that they must become a seamless part of the process; “anything less than simple and effective is a waste of time, money, and effort.”

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Darryl Mattocks


Darryl is the founder and a Director of AVIO. He has enjoyed a 28-year career as an entrepreneur in the information technology industry. 

Darryl founded the Internet Bookshop in 1992, the first commercial internet site in the UK and one of the first 5 commercial web sites in the world. He grew it to become the largest online bookseller in Europe before selling it to WH Smith for £10m in 1998.

He went on to found Travelstore, an online travel business travel management company, which he grew to have a turnover of £27m per annum. Since then he has founded ByeByeStandby and Enistic, businesses concentrating on delivering energy saving solutions into the home and businesses respectively.

As a regular and long-serving participant in competitive triathalons, swims, cycles, and runs, and as a frequent spectator of competitive rowing events, Darryl possesses a wealth of sporting knowledge and experience that is crucial to Avio’s success.

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Wasil Ali

Hardware Manager

Wasil joined the Enistic team back in 2011. Having completed a degree in Electronics, he went to on to study a Post Graduate at Brunel University in Wireless Communication Systems.

Wasil is our technical guru: as Hardware Manager he is responsible for production and stock management but also responsible for hardware design and firmware.

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Gail Cook

Head of Communications

Gail was the former head of marketing for Garmin.

She is an incredibly experienced member of the team, having worked with one of the biggest names in the business, during which she headed marketing for all things sport and fitness related from Garmin. Gail feels this product is what’s missing in the market, and is here to make Avio availble to everyone.

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