Pairing PowerSense

with your head unit


A step by step guide

don’t shelve your kit, work with it

Connect to your Garmin head unit, and download in the normal way to Strava, Garmin software, and many more.

Enable your Garmin (500, 520, 800 or 1000) power read out function for real data.

To the left is an example of a connection on a Garmin 520.

Step 1: 

Ensure your head unit is switched on.



Step 2: 

Navigate to the settings menu on your head unit. Usually this is through the main menu.

Step 3: 

Sharply tap the crank that your PowerSense is attached to to turn it on.

Step 4: 

Once PowerSense in on, it will broadcast and be visible on any ANT+ device, just like any other power meter.

Step 5: 

Select PowerSense in the menu, and then select ‘add’.

    Easy to install: peek, stick, and calibrate

Fully waterproof to IP67

 Temperature proof


    Works with all bike cranks


75 to 100 hours of battery life

1 year warranty


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